Views from Space City Pods on Maxwell 01



The view from Pod 1 over Town 1 as seen by the Ones.

M01T1d 600

Andy One is viewing this on the 22nd of January, 4587. This is his diary entry.


Today’s itinerary was AM – Tour of Pod 01. PM – Practice with movers. Maxwell 01 View Restaurant. Eat and survey Town sites.

The mountains looked gorgeous all covered in snow. We will need a couple of hours to enjoy skiing down there next month when we are on our tour. I expect there is quite a wind whistling over the ground. We will need the roboserves to get us down to the ground. The roboairships won’t risk landing.

The mountains are around 6,500m at their highest. They are the start of several rivers including the Pearce River we have at Town 1.

We all thought eating at the Earth View Restaurant was just great. We were obviously the first ever customers and will be for a while after we leave. The doctors will not be wanting us Ones to come up here more than once a year if that.

We all had a sucker and enjoyed catching bits of bread we tossed into the air. Our conduct did not please our roboguides I am sure. Just as well they are not humanoid or they would have a scowl on their face.

The view from Pod 2 over Town 6 as seen by the Ones.

M01T6d 600


Andy One is viewing this on the 25th of January, 4587. This is his diary entry.


Today’s itinerary in Pod 2

Tour vertical garden.

We did not get to see the vertical garden in Pod 1. I assume it is much the same as the garden here. The robots have made it such an attraction to be a reason for coming to Space City apart from weightless games and observing Maxwell 01. My favourite was the peach tree with ripe peaches just waiting for my teeth. Delicious.

The Guard for our lacrosse game did the usual good job of saving us all from getting belted by the ball.

Survey Town sites T5 and T6 on Land 2 and T7 on Land 3

We could probably spend many days looking at Land 2 and 3 through the telescopes to  see what waits for us when we get there on our tour or our ninety ninth tour because our tour coming up will not be straying far from the equator. Land 2 is beautiful. The rivers and mountains to the south are just waiting to be explored.  Too bad we will not be going down there on our tour. Just as well Land 3 had minerals the robots needed to make more robots or fix them up.

Gymnastics before dinner. Much better idea. Springing off a board weightless is an extremely exciting activity. Much better than falling back to the ground. Bit of a problem if the Guard does not grab you and drag you back. Or it would be. They always did. Good Guard. Making robots in the image of humans with all their limitations makes you wonder about the thinking capability of humans back in the twenties. Apart from wondering in 2165 is this a human human or a robot human? 2166 got rid of that thought and all humanoid robots. Our Guards have arms galore for saving us human humans, and reflexes to die for, or we would if they did not have them. Humanoid robots were a bad idea. It is good knowing Earth history. It shows us what to avoid. I have probably said this before.

Maxwell 01 View Restaurant. Eat and survey Town sites.

Sitting in Space City on Earth, well, above it, must be so much prettier than here on Maxwell 01 because of all the humans in their cities below with bright lights and roads and train tracks and life. Here the life we can see is trees, trees and more trees. That is all thanks to Diane Hunter. It is good to remember her with the Hunter River near Town 4. We can just see it from here.

Said some encouraging words to Threes to not walk through holograms. While it might upset the babies they will surely be upset themselves if they do.

The view from Pod 3 over Town 9

M01T9d 600


Andy One is viewing this on the 28th of January, 4587. This is his diary entry.


Today’s itinerary in Pod 3

We are over the Town 8 site on Land 3 and Town 9 site on Land 4. Most of Land 3 is north of us and some of Land 4 takes up all of our view to the east. Biggest Land for sure.

Industry is the emphasis below over many parts of Land 4. Mines, roboairships transporting ore, and factories are evident all over the place. None of them huge, but obviously necessary to keep our robots going.

Skiing will not be on a Town 8 residents calendar. The mountains to the west are only 3,000m high. There are no big rivers near the location but no doubt we will find locations for dam building on streams when we visit there.

The Space Elevator from Town 9 is getting lots of use sending material for robotug building up to Space City. We took a look at the robots at work. Dress standards are so very different in the nonrotating sections and the rotating sections. We have to be in full space suits in the nonrotating sections except when we are in the gym or restaurant. Both of those have a normal atmosphere. Robots don’t mind a vacuum but humans do. They are producing robotugs by the score. We all know Earth history. Bye bye dinosaurs, Permian 95% gone, China crater, all as a result of collisions of space objects with the planet. Our ancestors did not want that happening here and the fleet of robotugs will protect us. Good thinking old folks.

The view from Pod 4 over Town 10

M01T10d 600


Andy One is viewing this on the 31st of January, 4587. This is his diary entry.


Today’s itinerary in Pod 4

Survey Town 10 site on Land 4 and Town 3 and Town 2

Well, we knew Land 4 was big from all our other observations but looking at it from up here it is just so much bigger than the other Lands.

There are many factories down there. Robots wear out so they need to make the metal to fix them and make new ones. We will be lost without our robots. They had to find all the elements needed to make all the parts of a robot on Maxwell 01. Just as well they have found them in the hundreds of years they have been here.

When we are on our tour we will just be looking closely at the area for Town 9 and Town 10 with a roboairplane ride between them. A roboairship ride would take a bit long seeing they are over 9,000km apart. There are no factories near where Town 10 will be. We will not be having a close look at the bits in between. I will be looking forward to a roboairship slow journey from west to east on a later visit. That can happen when we Ones are no longer needed as the only producers of humans and can become full time tourists if we want. While we will all continue to be part of the development of Maxwell 01 we will be following our own interests rather than merely be baby makers.

Maxwell 01 View Restaurant. Ate last meal in Space City. As it got dark we expected more light but the robots don’t need it to know where they are going. We keep putting human characteristics on metal cans.