Andy is on planet Maxwell 01 which is the first of the Maxwell Empire and is 4 light years away from Earth.

Andy and his siblings are the Ones. The first humans on Maxwell 01. He was born in the 4573 Earth year or 0000 Maxwell 01. They take Earth years, months to keep it simple for Earth people when they read messages from Maxwell 01. It is now 4587 or 0014. So he is 14 year old Andy One.

Andy makes many pertinent observations on Earth humans over the history of Earth. His diary was written in the year 4587 and Earthlings will read it in 4591 as he is four light years away.

The Ones tour of Space City takes them to pods 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Views from Space City Pods on Maxwell 01


Read the first ten days of his diary.




I can tell you, being dad to eighty babies or babies to be makes me feel like the guy in the story who had a huge harem. I also feel as though I am merely a prize bull, or maybe just the bull bit. We have now been making babies for sixteen months and so for seven months they have been “born”? Is a test tube baby born? Anyway, there are thirty five infants wanting to be given a cuddle by their dad. At about two minutes a cuddle that takes an hour. Just as well that their mums give them a cuddle as well so they don’t miss out on the cuddle bit like we did. Robonannys do their best but humans do it better.

Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy being in the nursery with all the humans we have made. Might be better for them to have come from a human in the beginning than be a replacement chicken like all of us Ones, Twos and Threes are.

Today we spent longer over there than usual and it took all of the morning. I think everyone is feeling guilty that they won’t be cuddling them for a few weeks when we go on our tour.

The afternoon was spent by all of us giving our dogs a run around the Town.


I sometimes think humanoid robots have got some advantages; like cuddling babies. In another year I will be giving ninety five babies a cuddle each day; each day!

At two minutes each that is nearly two hundred minutes which is over three hours each day.

Earth banned humanoids after the humans got really upset they were taking all the jobs. Just as well we know our Earth history to know what the reasons are for all that goes on. Seeing humans don’t work anymore I guess there could be some who think it would be all right but I think we should stick by the mores we got from Earth.

Anyway, we still spent over three hours cuddling babies. A guilty conscience certainly gets you to do the right thing.

More dog practice in the afternoon. We all took them out of the Dome with their O2 on so they are OK for the race.


All the dogs were taken out of the dome to make sure they were in shape for the competition. Peter was the most energetic with his team of Fido, Coco, Roxy and Pancho. It always amazes me that none of the dogs have trouble with O2.

Last night we watched a play by the Twos. Very good. Laughed a lot. Congratulations to Leah and Tessa. Definitely a change from watching theatre from a thousand years ago, even if it is with the best actors or holograms that Earth had.

Live is better; especially as you can voice your support and they can hear you. Not sure if they also wanted to hear our derogatory comments though. Not too many of those from the Ones. We all appreciated their effort. Twos were the main offenders. Jealous, I guess. They all did a good job.

Cuddled babies and showed them all the holograms that were on. Made sure not to walk through them; Alan was going on about soccer.

Dogs enjoyed a run. Big day tomorrow.


Today’s dog team race was a close finish between Shane’s team and Anna’s. But she won. Shane congratulated her and gave her a big kiss. Shane is a bit of a show off.

There was a bit of a hiccup when two teams had a bit of a fight and one of Peter’s dogs lost its O2. And there I was yesterday saying that O2 was not a doggie problem. I guess the problem is in having a problem with another dog and thinking you need to fight it.


Robolifesaver was on hand to  rescue Fido and get him connected up again. Humans are just too slow to be much good at rescuing anyone.

After all the drama it was an early night.


The Doctor said today was the day so all five needed servicing today. All five. Cecilia, Christina, Cynthia, Dana and Della. Not in that order. The Doctor tells me when I need to get busy for each one. Those Doctors have it down to a fine art. Once they know we have made a baby they put Cecilia or whoever on them and pluck out new human and off it goes with robonanny to start becoming a new me. Well, soon it will be like us and the chickens. Hen thought she was making little hens and what a surprise, out pops me after Doctor changed the DNA in the egg to me.

Luckily the girls were spread out evenly during the day so I survived.

Soccer Twos were enthusiastic as usual for our coaching session.


We got the latest news from Earth today; well what was the latest four years ago. A storm knocked down the Empire State Building. Flattened it. Now it is all under water, not just the few floors down the bottom. Storms all over the Earth have been flattening buildings. The storms are just getting more ferocious. Well, the sea levels are up twenty metres and look like continuing to rise. Shanghai is under water and a tour of it is by submersible, like so many other cities on Earth. Obviously we will watching documentaries of all the tours taken by submersible. We would love to be on Earth but movies are the next best thing. The consolation is our sun will be around for more billions of years than the Earth’s Sun. Well, there has to be some positive in being here. A big positive is being the oldest humans on the planet and only being fourteen years old.

The biggest problem with good surf is it also means a good chance of losing your O2. Nearly did so today twice, and saw many others with the same problem but no one actually had to be saved by a roboserve.

Took some Threes to the Nursery today to help with cuddling the babies. I know, they are only four but they liked helping. I used the activity to comment on points two and six on the Octet. Everyone thought it was relevant and want to come tomorrow. At this rate I will spend less hours in the Nursery.


A reminder to readers on Earth that this was written in your year 4587 and you are reading it in 4591 as we are four light years away.  Me and my siblings are the Ones. The first humans on Maxwell 01. I was born in the 4573 Earth year or 0000 Maxwell 01. We take Earth years, months to keep it simple for you Earth people when you read our messages. So is it now 4587 or 0014. So I am 14 year old Andy One.

We have fifty female Ones and ten male Ones so each month us boys have to service five females each. That is not a problem and normally is an enjoyable occupation as long as it is spread out a bit. The Doctor tells us when to do it. The Doctors can change the DNA of the babies. They have the DNA of all the life on planet Earth including lots of humans.

They even have some dinosaur DNA. About dinosaur DNA and choice. Will we, won’t we. That is the question. Earth included some potential dinosaur DNA in addition to the eight million species existing on Earth when we left a thousand years ago. Actually probably more species than existed then because DNA had been collected for over a thousand years and some species had become extinct on Earth. Need to modify that statement to a lot of species had become extinct. The Maxwell planets will all have the example from Earth on how not to run a planet. Anyway, what do we do after we have the planet with oxygen and normal do we introduce dinosaurs? Just as well the robots in Space City are busy building robotugs so if a rock is discovered heading towards Maxwell 01 they can zoom off and destroy it or move it or something so long as we do not suffer from huge species loss like happened on Earth several times.

Back to me. The Earth news included some modifications to some of the Education Inputs. Nothing major and they were Input in no time at all. Just had to show that I can do the appropriate exercises so spent some time completing them.

The Twos and Threes enjoyed helping us with the babies.


Tomorrow is the day. Our babies are being born and we will have a BIG party. As usual Peter will swear black and blue that his five all look just like him. How he thinks looking like a new born baby makes you attractive amazes me. The boy just does not think.

Wind was good so most of us charged around on catamarans. Sailing is the best reason for living by the ocean. Well, with surfing.

Tonight’s movie was a documentary to make us think. We are only one part of Maxwell 01. The human part. When the planet is terraformed there will be the other eight million species at least to make it a copy of Earth except better because we will not have a plague of any species. Humans will be limited to two billion in number. Like Earth is now but in the Twenties humans on Earth were a plague for sure. We watched a documentary of Earth in the Twenties before 2091. The planet had species becoming extinct at an alarming rate because human numbers were out of control. Generally asteroids devastated Earth and did no good but the China asteroid was good because human numbers plummeted. Just as well they had preserved the DNA of most of the species that went extinct so when Diane Hunter’s group found a way to have them live again they were brought back. As well as a dinosaur or two whose DNA was still around. Not that any of that was in that particular documentary.


Poor Shane. Obviously his babies have all had their DNA changed again. Easy to tell when they look nothing like you or Quinn, Rayna, Sadie, Sara, or Selena, who were his partners that time. I guess the rest of us are probably in the same boat because the Doctors will be changing the DNA to some of the millions of sets they brought from Earth eventually. Will we all feel like them being our babies when they are not of us? Probably what the chicken felt when the DNA in its egg was changed to produce us. I do feel more important than a chicken but in the scheme of things to making Maxwell 01 into Earth 02 I am not. Ego just suffered a big, big blow at that thought. Only Shane and Peter seem to get a bit carried away with the idea of DNA change though.

Having five new children each month definitely makes me feel like a stallion.


So now we have another five babies to give a cuddle each day. At this rate we will be spending all the hours we are awake cuddling babies. Just as well the Twos and Threes are able to help more with it. Particularly when we Ones are off helping plan what happens on Maxwell 01. The tours to see where the new towns should be built make all our Education Inputs in Geography worthwhile. Sadie has made smart contributions. She is one of the Stage 15 people to help decide where to put the Towns. In a few years there will need to be many more towns when the babies get to our age and have their babies as they will be making hundreds of babies each month. What a thought. Hundreds of babies needing cuddling. Becoming a hermit seems attractive.


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