140127 Andy Ones Diary


An action resulting in the comment “Lying cow”

Diary entry for 27/01/4587

Robospaceship to Pod 03

Movie time again.

We watched a documentary from the 21st century tonight set in the Parliament House in Australia. The main one. They had Houses in each State as well as the biggest and best in their capital city. A man and woman enter this prestigious building. The Pride of the Nation. And they are drunk, blotto, out of it; and they can enter! Turns out they work there. Obviously two dismissals in the offing. But it gets worse. They go into the office where they work for one of the Parliamentarians and get undressed. They have sex. How can it get worse? It does! The woman goes to sleep. The man can’t wake her and goes. A security guard finds her and covers her up. She eventually wakes up. Is she sorry for her desecration of her workplace. No way. She decides to blame the man for her conduct. He must have raped her. He must be the one solely responsible for this outrage. I find it hard to believe that the leader of the country was gullible enough to give credence to her story. I did not watch all of it. It was just too much to stomach. We might be fourteen years old but we are nowhere near as naive as those 21st century humans.

What with reading, sleeping and talking the trip went quickly.