The World of Down Under


Ben and Jenny live in the city of Down Under on Earth. It is underground. There are schools, shops, places to work and play and lots of places to eat the food they like best. Sometimes the people of Down Under visit Up Above, but generally they work and play in their own world. If they do visit Up Above they never go on their own, but always with at least one other person, and best of all, a big group of people. Up Above people like the many different types of food in their world, but Down Under people prefer their type of food best.

The people in Down Under sometimes go to see their friends in Moon Down Under. This is where Earth Down Under started. On the Moon all the people had to live under the ground. The surface was too bad. It had no air. They made big caves in the Moon. They were very long. The caves were so long that it took weeks to walk along all of them. Some caves had farms in them. Some caves had apartments in them. Shops and places to work were in between the apartments. People did not have to go far to get to work. The schools were near as well.

There are many Down Under cities on Earth. They are located in geologically stable areas of the Earth. The cities underground reflect the patterns of life the people had on the surface of the Earth before it became radioactive and it was safer to live underground. The surface still has people living on it. They have more mutations. They do not like obeying the many rules of Down Under living.

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