What stage are we at?


Humans are the most developed life on Earth to date but we have an awful long way to go. Our kin in a million years will decry the baseness of our conduct because we have it recorded for them to view and be thankful that they are so much more than their 21st century forebears.


In Australia the folk who identify as Aboriginal can legally stone fellow creatures to death as one called Waylon Johncock did not so long ago to a wombat and then placing the record of his actions on social media.


In the following of their religion the Taliban restrict the activities of the females of their country so that their development is severely restricted. Similarly in Iran the attire of women is decreed and noncompliance can result in death. Some States in Nigeria also follow Sharia Law to the detriment of females.


The other main religion in Nigeria uses preaching from a couple of millennia ago as their main resource but why has there not been a human recently to be given the message “Stop with the kid making, humans. You are now a plague.”


These thoughts result in the thought that humans have a long way to go before their conduct is acceptable to reasonable people such as those in the year 1,068,487 on the planet Maxwell 237 who wish that time travel was a possibility so they could return to the year 2023 and sort out their rellies who definitely needed sorting out.


The same thoughts could also be had by folk in the year 1,204,643,207 on planet Maxwell 437,083 when they read what their reliies on Maxwell 237 thought.

So our current compassion rating for all life is zero, with us humans needing to improve our behaviour. The younger generation needs to take over the world and get The Family of All Life Alliance to ensure there is change in how humans behave.


The other problem with humans is their number. Stone Age folk like Australians before 1788 wandered around the country eating what they could catch or dig up. They used sharpened rocks or bits of wood. The only relics that reminded of their existence were a few deformed rocks or some bones.

Compare that to us humans currently. We use metal and plastic objects that are going to be around forever. Metal is worthy of recycling but most plastic goes to landfill. Not all humans are contributing to landfill because billions are too poor to use such products but aspire to.

Landfill has had enormous additions post plastics which means in my lifetime.

That is a frightening realisation because humans and their landfill contributions are here until the planet expires. Eight billion humans with minimal recycling of waste should be a worry for all humans but it is obviously not. Landfill is going to grow and grow and grow.

Solar panels at the end of their ten to twenty five year life will all be going to landfill. Instead they will all need to be recycled. Humans are here for the rest of the Earth’s life. That is for millions and millions of years. Current disposable of waste methods means there will be continents of landfill. Nothing should go to landfill. Humans have to make all products recyclable.

We need less humans and more recycling.


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