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Australia needs help.

What is there to be proud of if your ancestors were a dirty, smelly, hungry, cantankerous, walkabout people who assaulted and murdered their women and ate excess children?

Very little.

So you need to hide the truth and start a new picture of them as having a worthy culture and possessing numerous valued characteristics in the field of science which because they had no written language cannot be disputed.

In other words promote them with an excess of bullshit.

Unfortunately for the descendants of the folk who have transformed the country into a most desirable environment in which to live a vocal minority believe the bullshit and espouse it as being the truth.

Even more unfortunately the descendants of the Stone Age originals are brought up to believe the lies and hence have unrealistic expectations of what they are owed from the descendants of the arrivals in 1788 and later.

In Australia at present the ruling political party are promoting the bullshit and even more concerning is that the alternative rulers are endorsing similar nonsense.

Hence the time has come for a party that knows the bullshit is bullshit.

And we have that party in the form of The Family of All Life Alliance.

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Australia is the Land of Wannabe Relevant and World Important.

Our leader amply demonstrates the truth of this comment with his wandering around the world stage including supporting the complaining comedian instead of fixing problems at home .

The electorate demonstrated it by succumbing to the nonsense of Australia’s CO2 emissions affecting world climate change. This has resulted in the electorate deciding Labor can do a better job running Australia as well as electing a swath of independents with this as their prime platform.

The next election is in a year. The damage done by then can be undone if Australians become more sensible.

The real change Australia could make which would affect Climate warming is to cease thermal coal extraction but it needs to provide alternative industry for the affected areas such as growing hemp and producing bioplastics.

Other nonsense that needs to be addressed includes not having nuclear power stations.

Completely inappropriate treaties are in the wind. They are based on ignorance. Aboriginal people in Australia do not know what their life was like prior to the First Fleet so they cannot appreciate the enormously better lifestyle they have had since it arrived. The education of Aboriginal people about Stone Age life should be a prime requirement of schools because by remaining ignorant about it they have inappropriate expectations and a complete lack of gratitude of having been rescued from it.

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Save Australia in 2025.

All 17 year olds – you will be voting at the next election. Help your generation and get The Family of All Life Alliance up and running to take over the country.

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You need a revised constitution. We need to be one country. That is one people, no states, sensible laws.

Fix Australia in 2025.

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Buy Maxwell Empire Books

Click on the image to buy the books as paperbacks or e-books from Amazon.